Can outsiders get simple questions answered?

DJ Delorie
Tue Dec 22 09:18:00 GMT 1998

Dan Hensley wrote:
> Ok, so I'm not at the forefront of porting GNU applications to cygwin,
> and I haven't contributed patches, etc.  I get the impression that you
> have to be to receive a response to questions.

No, anyone can ask any cygwin-related question.  That doesn't mean
that someone will know the answer.  Note also that none of us
are getting paid to answer questions here - if you want a *guaranteed*
minimum response time, you'll have to buy a support contract.

> Using Cygwin b20.1 in tty mode, how do you access the serial ports?

Have you tried open("/dev/com1", O_RDWR) ?  The usual POSIX tc*() functions
should work.  Note that the cygwin documentation is still very young,
and any help anyone wants to contribute to add to it would be appreciated by
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