Matlab mex files and cgywin

Mark Levedahl
Tue Dec 22 07:19:00 GMT 1998

Matthew Brett wrote:

> ...
> I must admit I was hoping to be able to call unix-like functions from
> within the dll.  I have now, with Mumit Khan's kind help, got Cygwin dlls
> to initialise properly when called from a non Cgywin application
> (vc++ 4.2).
> This uses the parameter
> --entry __cygwin_noncygwin_dll_entry@12
> with Mumit's dllwrap utility.
> When I try the same technique for matlab dll generation,
> just calling the DLL kills matlab stone dead.  I am now at the end of
> my ideas of how to pursue this, I really don't have enough experience
> of DLL debugging or Cygwin to know what to do next.
> ...

I think the primary problem is a conflict between cygwin's malloc and MATLAB's
memory allocation: until b20, all my mex files were linked against libcygwin.a
(hence using cygwin.dll), but I was careful to use mxMalloc, mxCalloc, and
mxFree instead of malloc, calloc, and free. Using mingw (linking against mscrt),
I don't need to do this. Obviously, the malloc in mscrt.dll avoids the conflict.

Thus, a partial solution is to recompile those portions of libc and libm that
are of interest and are missing from mscrt to use mxMalloc, etc. However, a
complete solution no doubt would require some fundamental changes to cygwin1.dll
and may be more trouble than it is worth.

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