Please! Help me re-compile b20.1

Tue Dec 22 03:37:00 GMT 1998

I'm having real trouble re-building b20.1.

I've followed the FAQ and setup cygwin as suggested, I've down-
loaded the source files, but I can't get everything to re-build - I'm 
expecting to see all the tools re-built (including cp.exe etc.).

I guess it's possible that I've missed some really obvious and silly 
step out, is anyone prepared to take me through the process of 
installing, configuring and re-building cygwin 20.1 ? I'll even write it 
up for the FAQ or produce a HOW-TO.

/obj is 173MB
/install is 12.5MB

I'm using NT4 SP3, on a machine I don't have LM registry access 
too (just HKCU). It's a PII 233, 64MB - lots of hard disk space.

My cygcheck, configure, make, install and list of .exe's built are 

Thanks a million!
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