About: Lets get this streight.

Alex alexl@i-france.com
Sat Dec 19 07:40:00 GMT 1998

Well, first, if i understood well, you dislike this mailing list, so,
why the fuck don't you get out of here ???

Second, you think windows sux, and linux sux, so what doesn't suck to
you ?
Well, there is not only 2 OS in the world, you can get BeOS for example
, solarys, BSD or hurd (beta) or mach(and the servers that goes with

The more, i don't think you'll ever realese an OS, coz you just don't
have the skills to do it that.
If you would, you look for progs to do it, you'll already know what you
need and where to get the tools

Actually, i think you're just a poor kid that try to impress in a
mailing talking about things he doesn't know or understand, trying to
make believe he's kinda 'Richard Stallman' but you're not. You're just a
14 years old kid.

That's what Freud whould have said. ;-))

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