cygwin compiled DLLs

Charles Wilson
Fri Dec 18 20:36:00 GMT 1998

Mark Levedahl wrote:

> (Matthew Brett) writes:
> > Dear Mumit / fellow DLL sufferers,
> >
> > Thanks for all your stuff on DLLs on the list, which has been very
> > helpful.  Sadly, though, I am still stuck trying to link a
> > Cygwin DLL to a Visual C calling program (and also get a working
> > matlab mex file from Cygwin, which was my main aim).
> >
> > I am using b20.1 on NT4 sp3 FAT, and VC++ 4.2. ...
> There was a thread over a year ago on generating MEX files using cygwin.
> I've adapted that earlier work into a bash script that generates MATLAB
> v5.2 mex files using b20.1.  Let me know if you would like this.
> Mark Levedahl
> -

I had no idea this was possible. This is great! Please either post it to the
list, or check into uploading it to the repository.

Chuck Wilson

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