NT Emacs FAQ : Which startup file?

Rui Yang yrui@iet.com
Fri Dec 18 17:58:00 GMT 1998


I saw an answer to my question regarding using cygnus' bash shell in NT
Emacs :

Why can't I run bash as a shell under NT Emacs?

Place the following code in your startup file and try again: 
(load "comint")
(fset 'original-comint-exec-1 (symbol-function 'comint-exec-1))
(defun comint-exec-1 (name buffer command switches)
  (let ((binary-process-input t)
        (binary-process-output nil))
    (original-comint-exec-1 name buffer command switches)))

Which startup file you are talking about? Is it the one (startup.elc) under
NT Emacs' directory  lisp? I put lines provided in FAQ (above) at the end
of that file (startup.elc) and it did not work.


Rui Yang
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