tcsh hack for .exe & .com extensions

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Dec 18 03:27:00 GMT 1998

Patrick J. Fay wrote:
> Hello Corinna,
> If you put:
>   alias precmd 'unhash; unalias precmd'
> in your .tcshrc, then you don't have any problems with .exe or .com
> extensions.

Yes, the unhash command was already documented by Sergey in relation
to his tcsh-6.06 port to b19.

This unfortunately doesn't solve the problem really. If you `unhash', the
hash table is empty and searching commands take more time. If you
are accustomed, to use the hash table (I am) you type a `rehash' after
copying a new command to one of the dirs in $PATH. After doing a
`rehash', this dosn't work anymore and you have to type `unhash' again.

IMHO, it's annoying, to have to care for such things. In my environment,
binaries don't have extensions like .exe. Any shell works, except cmd :-P

For those, who doesn't can without the extensions:
I have uploaded a patched tcsh, which deals with .exe and .com
extensions in it's hash list, to


> I can't remember how to post stuff like this to the list.


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