fork() under W95/98 and NT

Alberto Millan
Wed Dec 16 01:15:00 GMT 1998

X-INTL 2:345/425 2:345/425
X-TOPT 999
X-MSGID: 2:345/425 3675b28a
X-PID: GED3 2.5 7777DK7


I am having some problems with the fork() system call under Windows 95/98 
and CygWin. I wrote a little TCP server under linux and tried to port it 
to Windows 98 and see the capabilities of CygWin. I don't know why, after 
the fork, the session gives an exception and hangs.

I can't find a reason, in fact the same .EXE run under Win NT 4.0 works 
really fine. Could anyone hel me out?

I have read the Faq and did not find an answer. Please excuseme if this 
has been asked before.

Via 2:345/ @19981215.011434 FastEcho 1.45a 5253
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