Ack! Port from Borland C++ 5.01A to B20.1 buggy!

Mark Fitzgerald
Tue Dec 15 08:36:00 GMT 1998

Hi all.  I'm working on porting a game I've been writing from Borland C++
5.01A to cygwin B20.1.  I've gotten around windowsx.h macros not existing,
and problems with having to link to cygwin1.dll (-mno-cygwin now used).
Now the program runs.  It is a board game with a lot of BitBlt()ing and

The problem is that my program will often crash just after processing a
WM_TIMER or a WM_PAINT message.  Occasionally it will crash in WM_PAINT
after a BitBlt() to the screen's device context.  This will occur after,
perhaps, 30 seconds, or 100 moves.

If the same code is compiled using Borland C++, the problem does not
occur.  Is this just a really subtle bug on my part, or is it possible
this is a compiler bug?

I'll run some more tests while waiting for replies.


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