Joseph Banta
Tue Dec 15 08:36:00 GMT 1998


I am having trouble with inetd's user authentication; when I try to telnet in,
I get the login and password prompt, but the valid logins don't work.  I
have tried using the /etc/passwd that mkpasswd creates, to no avail.

I saw in the archives the issues about user priveleges, but I am not sure 
how these are set up; the user I am using is a member of all the administrative
NT groups.  Is there a somewhat complete procedure on installing and 
running inetd ?

I am running NT 4, SP3, beta 19.1 (Sergey)
registry key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\
Rdr\Parameters\EnablePlainTextPassword' is set to 1 for samba

Any help (without the usual scolding) would be appreciated.

Joseph Banta

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