cygwin compiled DLLs

Mumit Khan
Mon Dec 14 23:25:00 GMT 1998 (Matthew Brett) writes:
> Dear Mumit / fellow DLL sufferers,
> Thanks for all your stuff on DLLs on the list, which has been very
> helpful.  Sadly, though, I am still stuck trying to link a
> Cygwin DLL to a Visual C calling program (and also get a working
> matlab mex file from Cygwin, which was my main aim).
> I am using b20.1 on NT4 sp3 FAT, and VC++ 4.2.
> I think I have tried everything in the dllhelpers 0.2.1 package,
> and still get invalid memory references as soon as I try and
> access any DLL routine, from a VC binary.  I've attached the
> very simple code that I have been using.

Hi Matthew,

With b20.1, you can *dynamically* load Cygwin DLL (at least a few
that I've tested) from MSVC compiled apps, but you do need to build
it with a different entry point. However, I doubt if you can *link* 
against a cygwin DLL with a MSVC ones without jumping through hoops
(and it may still not work in general).

If you're happy with using GetProcAddress/LoadLibrary, I can send
you an updated example of how to do this (this will be in the next
dll-helpers, whenever that will happen I don't know).


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