GDB under Windows95

Hilton Fernandes
Mon Dec 14 20:12:00 GMT 1998

On 14 Dec 98 at 14:56, Matteo Villa <> wrote:

> I'm trying to recompile GDB in order to let it work with windows COM
> interface calls The problem is that Win console applications (like
> GDB) don't support COM calls So my idea was to create an empty Win95
> application skeleton (i.e with Visual C++) and insert GDB into it,
> but I'm not sure about how to realize this, and how to modifiy
> existing makefiles, and above all, how to redirect input and output
> (for GDB command line) to the new window Anyone has some idea ?


Probably the best person to answer this is Jacob Navia
<>, the author of the interesting lcc-win32, a
minimalistic compiler for the Win32 API.  He's been involved with
Win32 debugging and probably has considered the problem you mention.

However, he'll probably tell you to forget GDB. :-)
(Sorry Navia, i couldn't resist. :-))


Hilton Fernandes
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