egcs-1.1 windows headers cause compilation failure in cygwin b20

Martin von Loewis
Mon Dec 14 19:18:00 GMT 1998

> 1. Why is this windows stuff getting included when I'm not asking for
>    it?

You are using <direct.h>. This *is*, more or less, 'windows stuff'.

> 2. Isn't this namespace pollution? I must admit I'm not au-fait with
>    all the various standards, and I realise it might all be
>    Microsoft's fault, but couldn't this stuff at least be #ifdef'd
>    somehow?

Same answer. You are using a non-standard header, what do you expect?
Seriously, the standards say what you may define in standard headers.
<direct.h> is not a standard, so it could define anything.

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