Rebar troubles...
Mon Dec 14 16:52:00 GMT 1998

Is it possible that Cygwin will have the updated commctl.dll and headers soon?

> > both REBARBANDINFO and INITCOMMONCONTROLSEX are sturcts, but it
> seems it isn't
> > able to find them.  Is there an out of date header, missing header or
> > something else or does this compiler not support Rebar?
> This structures (and the other new inernet explorer common controls) were
> introduced with the new versions of the internet explorer. The best thing to
> is to download the new sdk from and see the definitions there.
> but beware!
> If you use this controls, your program will not load in machines where the
> versions of cmmctrl.dll are still around. You will need to call the
> nitCommonControlsEx(int)
> function to get this going too.
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