PPC821 cross-compiler for NT-host

Michel_Pinton@swhouse.com Michel_Pinton@swhouse.com
Mon Dec 14 16:52:00 GMT 1998


I am trying to build a cross compiler for a PPC821 hosted on NT (SP3) .
Can I use the new b20.1 cygwin (egcs) release (binaries and source)  and
build a cross-compiler from that?  Or do I have to pick and choose the
various pieces for the version specified in the cross-gcc FAQ?

I'm alittle at a loss.   What I did was download the binaries and source,
create a new directory for where the xcompiled code should go, and typed
the following in the bash shell delivered as part of the b20.1 release:

bash-2.02$ ../src/configure --prefix=/cygnus/cygwin-b20
bash-2.02$ make > make.log 2>&1

But this didn't really do much, creates some directories, built a library
or two, but not alot.

Does anyone know if there is a PPC port for Little-Endian mode?  Our other
"embedded" compiler is the PPC821 compiler from Microsoft for Windows CE
2.x and it's ETK, Windows CE wants things Little-Endian (Wintel, what do
you expect?); so for our CE-specific work we have to use that compiler but
I was hoping to get the GNU cross compiler working for our H/W engineers
for there low-level board debug.

Thanks for any help
Michel Pinton
Sr Principal S/W Engineer
Sensormatic ACD

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