could someone tell me what is coolview?

Earnie Boyd
Mon Dec 14 12:10:00 GMT 1998 wrote:
> In a message dated 12/12/98 9:02:53 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> << what is coolview?  >>
> Sergei Okhapkin has been making enhanced versions of the
cygwinb19.dll and
> cygwin1.dll.  The one I got for cygwin-b20 doesn't work with b20.1,
so I'm
> about to check to see if it has been revised again. 
I've found
> coolview to be required in order to build egcs compilers on W95. 
Many of the
> useful features appear to have been incorporated in the standard

I just want to add that the coolview update has been replaced by
b20.1.  What Sergey hosts is the stable enhancements/fixes to the
cygwin1.dll.  For the coolview release to have significance it has to
be dated after the cygwin tools release.

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