EGCS Optimisation??

Richard Lyon
Mon Dec 14 12:10:00 GMT 1998


I am working on porting the omnetpp discrete-event simulator to cygwin. The
port is basically complete, with exception that some of the code won't
compile correctly when I turn on compiler optimisations. The simulator
startup modules compile and run with option -O0. But, when I turn on the
most basic optimisation -O1, the simulator executable dies with a status
access violation exception. Quickly checking with gdb, shows that some code
is running which should not be reachable. Manually
selecting -fthread-jumps, -fdefer-pop -fomit-frame-pointer doe not causes
any problems. I am using 20.1 on winnt 4.0 and SP4.

When -O1 is selected, what other optimisations are turned on? The gcc info
pages do not specify all
optimisations that are activated by -O1.

Regards .....

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