Visual C++ compatible tool set

Jay Kint
Sun Dec 13 20:33:00 GMT 1998

I was wondering how hard it would be to create a set of utilities that would make the GNU Win32 compiler toolset MS Visual C++ compatible since most Win32 source code is distributed with this in mind.

Initial thoughts of mine would be to:
1) Create a cl.exe that mapped command line options to their appropriate gcc equivalents and called gcc.
2) Create an NMAKE compatible make, or a utility that converted NMAKE files to gnumake.
3) Either modify the compiler to handle inline assembly MS style (at least for x86) as well as the MS specific keywords such as stdcall without having to use attribute(), or somehow mapping these to #defines in a .h file specifically for GNU C/C++.  At the very least we could continually modify patches to Platform SDK header files, as some have graciously already done.
4) Not entirely necessary, but nice would be a utility that "remapped" either MS C++ style mappings to GNU or GNU to MS in binary DLLs so that MFC or other compiled C++ binaries/DLLs would be accessible.

Of these three, #2 would be the hardest I believe, but not incomprehensible.  Any feedback or other ideas on what would be necessary?

Rand al'Thor
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