cross compiled linux kernel under cygwin NT

Mumit Khan
Sun Dec 13 14:22:00 GMT 1998

"Hugh.M.Bright-1" <> writes:
> today i cross compiled a linux kernel (2.1.105) for 
> intel x86 using cygwin b20.1 as host and a gcc-2.8.1 configged as a
> cross compiler to i486-pc-linux-gnu. the linux kernel booted from a
> floppy. i didnt get a chance to test it. 
> anyways
> it took only alot of twiddling, nothing major.
> im no expert on this stuff.

There is really nothing magical about cross-builds, provided the build
process itself does not need to run the target binaries for configuration
etc. The twiddling is needed since nobody has yet fixed the configuration
and building process with x-compilation in mind.

I'm assuming you know the caveats of building Linux kernels using 
gcc-2.8.x or egcs-1.x (search the linux kernel lists for description 
of the problem -- mostly invalid asms used in the linux kernel which 
worked with gcc 2.7.2, but not any more). Detailed description is well
beyond the scope of this forum.

I don't know if 2.1.x has all the fixes necessary. 2.0.x certainly does
not. Building these kernels with egcs is asking for trouble.


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