Using window classes

Mumit Khan
Sun Dec 13 11:40:00 GMT 1998 writes:
> I am trying to create a system global class windows in my program.  when I tr
> y
> to compile it it says this...

(fyi, it's "link", not "compile" step that complains).

> proj.o(.text+0x202) undefined reference to `TheProc__FPvUiUil@16'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> do I need to link something extra?  If so what?

Please always specify the compiler version and the platform you're using
whenever reporting problems like this. ``gcc -v'' reports the version and
platform info.

The symbol it's looking for:
  % echo TheProc__FPvUiUil | c++filt
  TheProc(void *, unsigned int, unsigned int, long)

The linker is looking for a WINAPI/STDCALL version this method, and can't
find it. Either the prototype doesn't match or you're not linking with the
right library. 

You probably just forgot to use `extern "C"' when compiling the
implementation of TheProc.
No way to tell without more details.


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