Directory Stucture under B20.1

Daniel Karipides
Fri Dec 11 18:31:00 GMT 1998

I have a question concerning the directory tree structure that works best
with cygwin B20.1.  I am trying a new setup.  I have dedicated a 2GB drive
to cygwin and cygwin alone.  My desire is to set up the directory structure
to facilitate the porting and installation of unix programs.

I found message:

and read with interest the web pages it suggested: .

I now have some questions.  B20.1 was installed in:


I realize that I could have chosen F:\ and it would have installed in


Regardless, I am wondering how this would fit in to the "standard"
directory structure detailed in the web page.  Some specific questions:

(1) There are /etc and /share directories under cygwin-b20.  However,
FHS suggests that /share should be under /usr/share.  Should I make a
usr directory as F:\usr\share?  Or should I mount
F:\cygnus\cygwin-b20\share as /usr/share?  Should I make a F:\etc
directory or mount /etc to F:\cygnus\cygwin-b20\etc?  I am wary of
making the mounts, because if I install other programs and then
upgrade b20, then I loose those files.  

(2) Similarly for the man and info directories--where should they go?
I've seen some mention of untarring them into the cygwin-b20 directory.
I assume the are then mounted to /usr/info and /usr/man?  

Is there a difference in performance between making the directory and
mounting the directory?  I would guess not, but would appreciate any

Thanks in advance,

-Dan Karipides
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