CHMOD not changing mode

Michael Hirmke
Fri Dec 11 14:39:00 GMT 1998

Hi Holger,

>by the way, I saw this behaviour of chmod on my WinNT/Cygnus B20 also =
>and it still drives me crazy. I tried to make a shell-script executable =
>and though chmod did not complain, the mode did not change at all.

set CYGWIN=ntea

>I recently read that the EADATA.SF-file is used by the Cygnus-Tools to =
>store the stuff associated with a file. Could it be, that this file is =
>normally not writable for a non-Admin user and therefore the attributes =
>do not change ?? (Couldn't try it out at my computer yet, so just an =
>idea ... :-)

No, this file is necessary only for FAT partitions, NTFS can hold all
this info itself.

>Holger Szillat

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