Missing odbc library functions?

busatto@wi.leidenuniv.nl busatto@wi.leidenuniv.nl
Wed Dec 9 13:10:00 GMT 1998

I would like to develop a program that uses ODBC with gnuwin32.
I have gotten this far:

- My program compiles with Microsoft Developer Studio 5.0.
- Gnu-win32 linker gives an error message, stating that the functions
  and several others, cannot be found in the library files.
- These functions ARE in odbc32.lib or odbccp32.lib (the Microsoft
  odbc libraries) but they ARE NOT in libodbc32.a or libodbccp32.a
  (the corresponding Gnu-win32 odbc library files). I checked this
  with nm.

Do you know if the libraries libodbc32.a, libodbccp32.a are in an alpha
version, and therefore these functions are still not there and will be
found in a future release?
Any ideas how to get my program to compile with gnuwin32 anyway?

Thanks in advance for any useful information.
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