B20.1: ls: . : no such file or directory (Win98)

Constantine Sapuntzakis csapuntz@stanford.edu
Tue Dec 8 11:04:00 GMT 1998

I have two drives on my Windows 98 system. Both are FAT-32. I did the
following steps after
installing full.exe for B20.1

- loaded up BASH by going to Start->Programs->Cygnus Solutions>Cygwin B20
$ cd //d/wrist
$ ls

And I get the following error:

ls: .: No such file or directory

Afterwards, if I mount the drive D: on /d and try the following

$ cd /d/wrist
$ ls

and I get the same error.

However, if I just do a

 $ cd /d
$ ls

it works fine. As does

$ cd //d
$ ls


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