[Win95] vfork: No more processes

Norman Vine nhv@laserplot.com
Mon Dec 7 17:50:00 GMT 1998

> Congratulations to everyone on the release of B20.1.

Ditto :-)

> Using Windows 95 and all versions of 'cygwin1.dll' (except the
> first one that did not work on Windows 95), I have consistently
> been getting page faults when building multiple subdirectories.
> The build process never seems to stop at the same place. This
> is happening with both the Cygnus version of make and make-3.77.
> When Windows 95 forces me to close 'make' I get the bash
> prompt back and I can restart make and go again.
> I suspect either a bug in the fork process on Windows 95 or
> a hardware problem that B19 failed to expose.
> Any insights on what might be the cause of this will be
> appreciated. Following is the information I have at hand.
> This information is from just one occurrence that I picked
> at random while running make with the debug flag.
> -----------------------------

I am experiencing this to.

I had to revert to b.19 coolview
to compile the FlightGear project.


Norman Vine -- nhv@laserplot.com

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