Porting eggdrop 1.3.xx

creative1 creative1@bigfoot.com
Mon Dec 7 15:51:00 GMT 1998

Hugo Leote wrote:

> I'm one step away from compiling eggdrop1.3.22 sucessfully with cygwin32.
> Unfortunately I still get the following linking problem:

I have it running, although my version is a little different, it has the same
problem, how to solve it, easy...

> *****************************************
> Linking eggdrop...(statically)
> gcc -o ../eggdrop botcmd.o botmsg.o botnet.o chanprog.o cmds.o dcc.o dccutil.o f
> lags.o language.o main.o mem.o misc.o modules.o net.o tcl.o tcldcc.o tclhash.o t
> clmisc.o tcluser.o userent.o userrec.o users.o -L/cygnus/cygwin-b20/H-i586-cygwi
> n32/lib -ltcl80 -lm  mod/*.o

look on /src/makefile
and search for: mod/*.o
move it before the word that it infront of it, i don't have the code in my hand
right now but if
it looks something like this
{WHATEVER} {BLAH} something mod/*.o
change it like this:
{WHATEVER} {BLAH} mod/*.o something

now, it compiles perfect.

Joaquin Grech

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