Apache and PHP binaries.

Phil Harris pharris@forfree.at
Mon Dec 7 06:28:00 GMT 1998

Hi all

I downloaded the CAMP binaries and when installing there is an error message
about the install script being compiled with an evaluation version of
InstallShield, it says you have to use a full version to distribute the



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>Phil Harris wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> My first posting and I'm begging already 8^)
>> I have tried to compile Apache/PHP/MySQL but failed, has any body had any
>> luck ?
>> If you have and you have the binaries available, I would be you eternally
>> grateful slave.
>Here comes the good news. You have two options:
>1. Get our Cygwin ports of Apache 1.3.3 and PHP 3.0.5 and compile and
>build (out of the box) on your own or
>2. Get our CAMP (Cygwin Apache MySQL mSQL PHP3) Embedded Web Authoring
>Environemt als binary distribution bundled to a self-extracting
>InstallShield executable, containing Apache 1.3.3, PHP 3.0.5 apache
>module with MySQL 3.22.10 and mSQL client support, MySQL
>authentification apache modle and mSQL database engine.
>See our project web site at
> http://www-public.rz.uni-duesseldorf.de/~tolj
>for more information and the downloads.
>PS: MySQL is currently NOT supported for Cygwin, since it uses the
>mit-pthread package which can not be ported to Cygwin, but we are still
>working on a non-safe thread wrapper for Cygwin. The MySQL 3.22.10
>Cygwin clients have been released on the official TcX site.
>Stipe Tolj <tolj@uni-duesseldorf.de>
>Cygwin Porting Project
>Department of Economical Computer Science
>University of Cologne, Germany
> http://www-public.rz.uni-duesseldorf.de/~tolj
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