Is bison configured correctly in B20?

Richard Lyon
Mon Dec 7 03:20:00 GMT 1998

Thanks. I found the archives about 5 minutes after
I sent my query (dumb). The archive contained answers to
all my questions about bison and tcl/tk. So everyting
is running fine.

Unfortunately not the same can be said about the
code I am porting. It contains a some psuedo
threading which is generating exceptions under winnt.
At least I can concentrate on the code now.

Thanks to all the other people who responded.

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From: Mumit Khan <>
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Date: Monday, 7 December 1998 6:30
Subject: Re: Is bison configured correctly in B20?

>On Sun, 6 Dec 1998, Richard Lyon wrote:
>> Normally by default bison can find the file
>> bison.simple. It appears that in B20 that this
>> is not the case. I have to explicitly state
>> where the parser file is using the -S option.
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