Failing to execute B20.1 runtest for egcs-1.1.1

Christian Joensson FOA 72
Mon Dec 7 03:19:00 GMT 1998

Hello everybody!

The new B20.1 seems fine, especially nice is it to have configure working 
again. One thing, though, what about `runtest'? I built egcs-1.1.1 and all 
*seems* well, but I'd like to run the testsuite of egcs-1.1.1 to convince 
myself a little further. 

I know that Mumit has mentioned some times that getting through 
egcs' testsuite on Cygwin is somewhat of a pain, but I'd like to understand 
the problems a little myself. The problems is when I try to run `runtest', it 
(whatever it is) fails to find init.tcl. Something might be wrong with egcs' 
testsuite, with B20.1's expect, with B20.1's tcl installation, I don't know.

Any hints on the matter is greatly appreciated.



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