Port of mit-pthreads to Cygwin32

Stipe Tolj tolj@uni-duesseldorf.de
Fri Dec 4 05:12:00 GMT 1998

Tim Taylor wrote:
> I'm trying to port MySQL 3.21.33B ( http://www.tcx.se/ ) to cygwin32.  This
> application uses a user-level theads package called mit-pthreads.  Because
> of the nature of the threads package, there are portions that are
> platform/OS specific. I'm wondering if anyone has ported this threading
> package to work with cygwin32 and could save me some time by sharing the
> fruits of their labors.

Welcome abord. I have been working for several months (with more or less
activity) on the cygwin32 port of the mysql database engine. You may
join our Cygwin Porting Project (see url below) if you are interested in
contributing and developing on the cygwin ports, it would be a pleasure.

Now about the mysql port itself. As you said it uses the mit-pthread
package which is OS specific and is defenetly NOT supported for cygwin,
since cygwin is NOT thread safe. So propably you can forget about
porting the mit-pthread package to cygin at all. There is a pthread32
package somewhere on


I don't know the correct position but it is somewhere there. Unfortunaty
the pthread32 is a very early development step and compiles on cygwin,
but there are undefined references when linking the example
applications. I'm still in contact with the developers to solve the
undefined references.

The mysql 3.22.10b clients have been ported using cygwin b20 and are
released as binaries on the official TcX site.

Out main aim (hopefully you are interested in contributing) is to write
hopefully small size wrapper functions for the pthread calls, yet not
started with.

PS: There are currently two other porting efforts for relational
database engines to cygwin. Here the urls, check them out if you are

	mSQL for cygwin32 - http://blnet.com/msqlpc/
	PostgreSQL for cygwin32 - http://www.askesis.nl/


Stipe Tolj <tolj@uni-duesseldorf.de>
Cygwin Porting Project
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