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Frank Cusack fcusack@iconnet.net
Thu Dec 3 09:31:00 GMT 1998

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JSONCRAIG@aol.com writes:
> I have three things to say
> #1 Whats with foo?  Ex. foo.txt, foo.cpp have all been used in emails...is
> there something special about foo? (sorry to bother you if it seems obvious t
> you but I'm not real good with this compiler stuff)

Check the jargon file


and probably the comp.lang.c FAQ.

> #2 Is there somewhere I can get a list of the things you can pass into gcc
> (like -c, -o etc. and what they mean)

man gcc and/or info gcc

> #3 I would appreciate it if you would add a subject to the email because
> sometimes I get mail that is not good and they usually have not subject.

Yep this is a common problem with email (and usenet) in general. I just
delete email with no subject; I don't have time to sift through it.

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