About subjects on the mailing list

Wed Dec 2 19:49:00 GMT 1998

I have three things to say

#1 Whats with foo?  Ex. foo.txt, foo.cpp have all been used in emails...is
there something special about foo? (sorry to bother you if it seems obvious to
you but I'm not real good with this compiler stuff)

#2 Is there somewhere I can get a list of the things you can pass into gcc
(like -c, -o etc. and what they mean)

#3 I would appreciate it if you would add a subject to the email because
sometimes I get mail that is not good and they usually have not subject.
Since I do not know everyones email on this mailing list it is difficult to
distingush what is from the mailing list and what is not unless you open it
and find a disgustin message or a thing from a mailing list person.  I would
really appreciate this.


Jason Craig
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