gcc installation with NT

Stephen L Arnold sarnold@coyote.rain.org
Wed Dec 2 19:49:00 GMT 1998

On 30 Nov 98, Fred Marshall had questions about gcc installation 
with NT:

> I started with the idea of installing g77.  I understand that it
> requires B19 - which is what I have.  I also understand that it
> requires gcc.  OK. I also understand that gcc requires djgpp to
> install under Windows.
> I'm running Win NT 4 SP3 and want to install g77.

I don't understand; AFAIK, djgpp and cygwin are completely 
different setups (djgpp is a 32bit DOS port of gcc, while cygwin is 
a unix-like dll and all the associated gnu tools, gcc, etc.

If you have the cygwin b19, you just need the coolview .dll and the 
egcs update (the latter has gcc, g++, and g77 support).  There are 
a few library bugs/features in the cygwin stuff that don't quite 
conform to either the C standard or the normal GNU extensions.  
Unless you need the cygwin .dll (ie, for unix compatibility), you'd 
be better off using the mingw32 stuff; at least the stdlib stuff 
works right.  Check out the following stuff (the gcc 2.8.1 works 
for me):


Hope this helps, Steve

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