B20.1 status 981201

Holmsand, Dan Ola dan.ola.holmsand@afv.se
Wed Dec 2 10:40:00 GMT 1998

Just a couple of bugs:

I just compiled the latest winsup sources (981201), which produce a much
better cygwin dll. However, signal handling is not quite there. 

- Hitting ctrl-C a couple of times in bash causes bash to hang (using
lots of cpu), apparently waiting for some signal.

- Ctrl-C on, e.g., a long 'cat' doesn't work if tty is not set (I think).

Also, I think chmod is broken if binmode is not set.

But, nevertheless, overall a great improvement!

Dan Holmsand

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> Subject: B20.1 status 981201
> Hi all,
> 20.1 should be out later this week.  The 20.1 Cygwin DLL should be a
> large improvement over 20.0 on both NT and 9x systems, both in terms
> of speed and stability.  In addition to the updated Cygwin DLL,
> a few bug fixes have been made to a couple of the utilities.
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