B20.0 on NT4.0/SP4: bash bug: spinning when executing a script

BAARDA, Don dbaarda@baea.com.au
Tue Dec 1 22:17:00 GMT 1998


This appears to be similar to my experience with misc scripts, though I've
had little luck making it repeatable. I suspect that something is happening
with a pipe closing and the process reading it failing to notice and going
ballistic sucking nulls or something.

On a different but maybe remotely related tack, I've actually seen linux do
the same thing when root fires up less and gets disconnected. As soon as its
stdin disappears, the less process suddenly sucks up all available CPU and
sits there.

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> Subject:	B20.0 on NT4.0/SP4: bash bug: spinning when executing a
> script
> Howdy,
> I have encountered a repeatable bug when executing a bash script under 
> Beta 20.0 on a Windows NT 4.0 w/SP4 box.  When executing the enclosed 
> script bash will start to spin at some point and eating up the CPU (went 
> for over 6 hours last night).  I've had it happen on the three times I've 
> run the script and the first time it occured on the third loop, then then 
> second loop and the third time on 9th loop - I've enclosed trace (set 
> -xv) of this last time and from what I can gather awk exited and bash 
> started to spin.
> 	Bill
>  << File: compare-compress.sh >>  << File: compare.trace >> 
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