gcc installation with NT

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.edu
Tue Dec 1 22:17:00 GMT 1998

"Fred Marshall" <fmarshall@acm.org> writes:
> Maybe I have this all messed up. =20
> I started with the idea of installing g77.  I understand that it =
> requires B19 - which is what I have.  I also understand that it requires =
> gcc.  OK.  I also understand that gcc requires djgpp to install under =
> Windows.

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djgpp?? DJGPP is for DOS, not for Windows32 (it does run under the DOS
subsystem/emulation/what-not, but that's still DOS). Has nothing to do 
with cygwin, which is pure win32. You've been misinformed, I'm sorry to 

As for g77 for cygwin, I've released g77 for each cygwin release since 
b17.1, and b20 is definitely no exception. Until b20, Cygnus' compiler
tools as distributed with cygwin were rather buggy, and I've typically
released binary distributions that replaced the tools.

With b20, cygnus is distributing an updated compiler, so I decided not to
duplicate efforts in distributing the C and C++ compilers; instead, I'm
distributing just the F77 and ObjC compilers as a separate package. You do 
need the Cygwin b20 development tools installed however.

For b19.x, you can download my entire development toolchain distribution
that contains g77 along with gcc,g++,etc. I don't have the time to break
these up, sorry.

See cygwin web page for directions to my site.

Please do note that with a little bit of work one can create a g77 distrib 
that only contains the essentials for building f77 programs; in that you 
can skip the rest of the compilers. I however have no intention of doing 
the work. Sorry.


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