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Mumit Khan
Tue Dec 1 18:16:00 GMT 1998

"Jack A Walker" <> writes:
> When I try to compile a  test program that includes my lamer fixed capacity
>  string
> template I get the following error from egcs:

Thanks for the bug report. It's a bug in egcs-1.1, and still in the
upcoming egcs-1.1.1 release.

It has to do with the following construct:
  template <size_t sz>
  struct Template {
    typedef char Foo [sz + 1];		// it's the ``+1'' that causes it.
    typedef char Foo2 [sz];		// OK

I'll send a simplified testcase to the egcs folks. 

A temporary workaround is to use a static const size_t member and
initialize that to `sz + 1' and use that in the typedef.

btw, the identifier _String is reserved by the implementation and the
compiler is not required to issue a diagnostic (and free to do anything
it wants with your code ;-). See section in the standard.

Library reserved namespace:
  - any identifier prefixed with double underscore.
  - any identifier prefixed with a single underscore and followed by an
    uppercase letter.

In addition,
  - each identifier that begins with an underscore is reserved to be used
    in the global namespace.

So, please don't used names prefixed with _; you can always use _ suffix.


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