Alan Grimes
Tue Dec 1 10:13:00 GMT 1998

Hello, I joined this mailinglist to ax 2 questions.
    I have been researching tools to help me write my own operating system. To my
great dismay and chagrin I have discovered that acceptably good documentation is
nearly impossible to come by. With the GNU packages comes documentation that
appearently was written by cygnus employees but these documents are poorly written
and very old. Yet when I e-mailed cygnus to see if there was a more recient version
available, They responded right back with a completely modern version! Would anybody
care to comment on this? I hope cygnus will release the latest versions of all its
documentation!!! The old versions are totally inadequate!
    My second question is about BFD libraries. As I said I am writing an OS.
Currently I'm trying to write a simple real mode prototype. It appears that The BFD
system does support real mode. But I'm not sure wheather it will support my compiler
( TCC 3.0 ) which produces microsoft .obj files. If these libraries are available
please tell me how I can obtain them. :) thanx!
    In case you are interested The webpage on my OS is the second link in the sig.

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