B20: @arg expansion change problem

Jan js@hragir.aua.am
Tue Dec 1 02:52:00 GMT 1998

In article <365D84A9.7F6F.cygnus.gnu-win32@hragir.aua.am>,
>Jan  wrote, and ;Christopher G. Faylor (cgf@cygnus.com) replied:

>       rm a
>       touch @a ->'@a' created
>       rm @a
>       echo e f g > a
>       touch @a ->'e','f','g' created instead of '@a'
>                  this wasn't the case in pre-b20.
>As I use make for several dos/windows compilers,
>I need a way to tunnel the '@' through command lines

; Unfortunately this is a change that was requested by our customers.
; The obvious workaround is to use ./@file .  There is no CYGWIN setting
; to control this.

1. Please excuse the previous, garbled reply which obviously contained
   unusual quoting chars that confused the mailing system.
2. ./@file won't always help. @file is something older DOS software
   (msvc, bcc) expands in a way similar to what cygwin32 does, but
   without interfering with the DOS limit of 128 command line chars.
   Needless to say, the DOS software doesn't recognize ./@file.
3. At the moment, the only real workaround is avoiding such DOS command
   lines getting parsed through cygwin32. Sorry, sometimes that's a
   severe restriction. A possibility to revert to the old behaviour via
   environment would help very much. If the default is the new
   behaviour, this shouldn't hurt anybody.

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