FAQ: gnuwin32 mini FAQ - first draft

Michael Weiser michael@weiser.saale-net.de
Mon Aug 31 21:33:00 GMT 1998

Hi folks,

this is the first draft of the gnuwin32 mini FAQ (as I named it).

I would just like to get some feedback from you, what should be added,
changed, left out and so on. Please mail me directly instead of
posting to the list to prevent some never ending thread about style or
content. :)

At the moment the document is largely based on Earnie's IMPORTANT
UPGRADE NOTICE. I checked all URLs and found that some are down or
even empty (nothing appears). Could the owners or maintainers of these
sites please contact me to tell me where the problem comes from so
that I can change the FAQ accordingly?

Of course all the others who have some interesting gnuwin32-stuff on
their site can send me their URL, too, and I will check it for
relevance for this mini- and resource-FAQ.

I'm thinking about posting the FAQ about twice a month or even weekly.
What is the opinion on that? FYI: The text is 4,2 KBytes in size now
and will get something like 10K when it's finished.

Okay, that's it. Please don't throw empty bottles or rotten tomatoes
at me. ;)
tschoe, Michael
Elefanten spielen nicht Schach!

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