Stephen Vance
Mon Aug 31 11:07:00 GMT 1998

Kevin Watt wrote:

>  Greetings, I just recently installed the cdk kit, and was hoping to
> use its make utility to build perl/tk 800.010.  But, anytime I use
> make makefile, i get a " makefile:632: *** missing separator.  Stop. "
> error, and it's quite frustrating!  I've tried changing the MAKE_MODE
> env var. to UNIX, but the problem still occurs.  I have tested this
> with many makefiles and I get the same problem, if on a different
> line.  An additional problem I get when creating the makefile for
> tk800 with perl, is it saying " Test Compiling
> config/signedchar.cBad command or file name Test Compiling
> config/Ksprintf.cBad command or file name "  is it looking for my gcc
> in the wrong place or something?  It seems to write all the
> dependancies ok and everything else. Thanks for the help,Kevin Watt

 This indicates that you have carriage returns in your makefile in
addition to line feeds.
I first encountered this with some included dependency makefiles that
were generated
automatically and filtered through various pipes and redirections.
Unfortunately, I
could not find a way to get around the inclusion of <CR> via a
redirection.  I suspect
it has to do with the bash binary v. text issues that have been
discussed in other threads.

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