GNU-Win32 DLL and MSVC++

Jim Van Sciver
Fri Aug 28 14:37:00 GMT 1998

This is a newbie question but I haven't seen an explicit answer
in either the FAQ or the email archives.  Perhaps this question
should be added.  My question is:

    Can I make a DLL that is used by a MSVC++ application?

The closest FAQ I've seen is:
    Can I mix objects compiled with msvc++ and gcc?

There are good instructions on how to build a DLL and one would
presume this DLL could be used by MSVC++.  I would like to know if
someone has been successful with this.  The library code in question
is a mix of C and C++.

BTW, I'm porting a Unix based (GNU tools) Natural Language library to
NT.  I've installed GNU-Win32 and have started compiling.  So far it's
been a great experience; very much like porting to another Unix
variant.  Our code is an easy port since it uses very little operating
system specific services.  The only issues have been our own GNUmakefile
portability problems.

Thanks in advance for advice.

Jim Van Sciver
Speech and Language Research
GTE Internetworking
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