FYI: gnu-win32/mingw32 for Alpha/NT

Jeff Sturm
Fri Aug 28 08:23:00 GMT 1998

I see this is a new release... there's been a gcc port on alphant for
quite some time.  Cool.  Finally a reason to load NT on my LX :^)

I can't tell from the description what version this release is... the
cygwin32 DLL is named simply cygwin-a.dll.  Anyone know who maintains
this, and where the source patches are?  AFAIK the alpha patches aren't
in the official cygwin32 distribution yet.

Martin Heller wrote:
> Hello!
> I found gnu-win32 + mingw32 for Alpha/NT per chance on
> . You can find it following 'File Archives'
> --> 'Programming' or directly by .

Jeff Sturm
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