OT: Re: BUG in function parameter passing ??????

Matthew Moskewicz moskewcz@Princeton.EDU
Fri Aug 28 06:34:00 GMT 1998

I know this isn't helpfull, but I'm fresh out of Sedgewick's algorithms
class (CS226) and I can't resist pointing out that your strtolower
function is quadratic, since it calls strlen on every iteration ... I'll
post a corrected version, which I'm (almost) sure someone else will
strike down ...

As to your problem, I don't know the specific answer, but your code
relies on the fact that the compiler puts the string "Hello You"
somewhere writeable. This may be a "reasonable" assumption, but you
still shouldn't make it. As you have found, the complier is not always
"reasonable" from one's point of view. From my (albeit only 7 years or
so) of experience, what you've done just looks fishy -- ie. it relies on
compiler behavior that's in (serious) doubt. Others can quote the actual
specs if they wish ... but from what I remember, such strings are
*supposed* to be read only. 

Take a look at these results, from a SunOS box:

[begin test]
yuma:~/scratch> cc temp.c
yuma:~/scratch> a.out
yuma:~/scratch> gcc temp.c
yuma:~/scratch> a.out
Segmentation Fault (core dumped)

A snippet from the assembly shows (persumably) that "Hello You" is in a
read only section under gcc; i didn't look, but it's probably in bss or
common or something with cc. Whatever ... live with it.

.section        ".rodata"
        .align 8
        .asciz  "Hello You"
        .align 8  
        .asciz  "Success\n"
.section        ".text"  

Mark.Koennecke@psi.ch wrote:
>   void strtolower(char *pText)
>   {
      // i gets strlen(pText) after we assert(pText)
      int i = ( assert(pText) , strlen(pText) ); 
      while( i-- ) // iteratre over string
         *pText = tolower(*pText++); // flip each char to lowercase
> /*---------------------------------------------------------------------*/
> int main(int argc, char *argv[])
> {
>   char pBuffer[132];
>   /* why does this work? */
>   strcpy(pBuffer,"Hello You");
>   strtolower(pBuffer);
>   /* but this gives a segmentation violation under Cygwin*/
>   strtolower("Hello You");
>   printf("Success\n");
> }
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