An error to use RMAIL on mule2 on gnu-win32, help !

Watanabe, Masanori
Thu Aug 27 05:38:00 GMT 1998

When I tried to use RMAIL on mule2 on NT,
the following error appeared.

Can anyone answer what is wrong ?

===========Screen image start============
Subject: A test mail form mule2 on NT
--text follows this line--

A test mail from gnu-win32 mule2 on NT..


S::--**-Mule: *mail*               (Mail)--All----------
Wrong type argument: stringp, nil
===========Screen Image end==============

The following is the .emacs setting.


//  Masanori Watanabe  (  CSC Japan,Ltd.  )
//  e-mail :
//  TEL : 03-3812-6944   FAX : 03-3812-6425 

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