Bug in gcc and egcs with .linkonce

Ralf Scheidhauer scheidhr@dfki.de
Thu Aug 27 01:42:00 GMT 1998

Maybe the following is a known problem, but I could not find any
reference to it so far.

The following program crashes, if you compile with both gcc 2.7 and
egcs 1.02 under Windows NT, if you do NOT use -O:

     gcc -o bug bug.cc

---- bug .cc --------------------------------------------------
inline void bug(int *x)
  switch (*x) {
  case 1: *x=2; break;
  case 2: *x=3; break;
  case 3: *x=4; break;
  case 4: *x=5; break;
  case 5: *x=6; break;
  default: break;

int main()
  int x = 4;

Looking at the assembler code, the reason seems to be the 
".linkonce discard" being used for the inline function. Unfortunately
a ".text" gets in front of the jump table being generated for the
switch statement. It then crashes if "bug" is not being inlined. 

Anyone know how to fix that? Otherwise I cannot debug my application
at all! I puzzles me that no one else has had that problem before???


PS: Please answer via email.

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