problems with "more" (or less) in XTerm

Charles G. Waldman
Wed Aug 26 20:20:00 GMT 1998

I'm using the X11R6.3 and "/usr/local" distributions from Andy Piper's 
page.  It's nice to be able to interact with NT using Bash in a XTerm
instead of the ugly and ill-behaved "DOS box"

However I have found that if you use "more" or "less" inside an XTerm
it seems to hang - there is some problem related to the controlling
terminal.  In particular if I run Bash in a DOS box and type
"xterm &"
then in the xterm, do something like "ls -R | less"
I get one screenful of text in the XTerm, then it hangs up.
Interestingly, if I type into the original DOS box (that I started
XTerm from), this causes the pager in the subordinate XTerm to
continue.  So, "less" is looking for the user input to come from the 
parent terminal, instead of from the XTerm itself.

(A)  Has anybody else noticed this?  I've only been running Cygnus for 
a few weeks and perhaps I don't have everything configured correctly.
(I'm using the 19.4 cygwin DLL from Andy's page)

(B)  Any ideas how to go about fixing this?

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