B19: bug in bash.exe using backquote to capture stdout

Eric Holter eholter@newpointtech.com
Wed Aug 26 06:33:00 GMT 1998

i recently found that when using bash.exe to run a shell script, the
backquote-stdout-capturing mechanism leaves carriage-return characters
in the variable.  for example, i have some console utilities which use
the combination of <cr> and <lf> to indicate a newline.  suppose this
utility is called 'myprog.exe' and running it simply outputs the
characters 'hello world<cr>'.  if, within a bash.exe shell script i do
something like
        MYVAR = `myprog`
i find that the <cr> carriage return is not stripped out and is
contained in the variable MYVAR.  thus doing something like
        echo ${MYVAR}boing
i would expect to see 'hello world boing', but instead i see '

  eric holter
  newpoint technologies, inc.

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