Stty in Rxvt (rows and columns)

Tijs Michels
Wed Aug 26 05:25:00 GMT 1998

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Rxvt started like this

  rxvt -g 96x48

yields a console of 96 columns by 48 rows,
as expected.

However, "stty size" still reports

  25 80

and "stty -a" reports

  speed 38400 baud; rows 25; columns 80; line = 0;
  intr = ^C; quit = ^\; erase = ^H; kill = ^U;
  eof = ^D; eol = M-^?; eol2 = M-^?; start = ^Q;
  stop = ^S; susp = ^Z; rprnt = ^R; werase = ^W;
  lnext = ^V; flush = ^O; min = 1; time = 0;
  -parenb -parodd cs8 -hupcl -cstopb cread -clocal
  -crtscts-ignbrk brkint ignpar -parmrk -inpck
  -istrip -inlcr -igncr icrnl ixon -ixoff-iuclc
  -ixany imaxbel opost -olcuc -ocrnl onlcr -onocr
  -onlret -ofill -ofdel nl0 cr0 tab0 bs0 vt0 ff0
  isig icanon iexten echo echoe echok -echonl
  -noflsh -tostop echoctl echoke

And sure enough the Midnight Commander appears in
its familiar 80x25 size.

When I enter "stty rows 96" or "stty lines 48"
I get

  stty: standard input

What does this mean??

I tried adding

  lines#48, rows#96,

to my Rxvt terminfo database, but that didn't help
either. (No, I did not forget to enter "tic rxvt.ti".)

Is it necessary to add

  lines#.., rows#..

to rxvt.ti in order get a working non-standard
dimension?? (Probably not. Other changes I made to
rxvt.ti were effective upon recompiling, causing
the desired result, so there is noghting wrong
with the terminfo mechanism.)

How can I get Rxvt to actually report the correct
size to applications like MC??

I'm NOT on the list, so please reply to my own address.


Best wishes,

Tijs Michels

Ps. MC builds and works fine on Cygwin32.
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