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Fieldhouse, Dirk Fieldhouse@logica.com
Tue Aug 25 16:19:00 GMT 1998

On 19 Aug 98, Stephen L Arnold (sarnold@coyote.rain.org) had stupid newbie

> What does cygpath.exe do?

It's not part of B19?

> The following environment variables are set in the
> cygnus.bat file.
> GCC_EXEC_PREFIX='D:\USR\CYGWIN\H-I386~1\lib\gcc-lib\'
> GDBTK_LIBRARY=D:/usr/Cygwin/share/gdbtcl
> CYGFS=D:/usr/Cygwin
> These others (below) are obviously wrong; where are they
> set?  I'm  using win95, so I guess I can't have an /etc
> directory :-(  

Oh, but you can )) - and a /usr, a /bin, and so on.

The mount command allows you to mount a FAT directory on /etc without ever
having made a /etc before, as you would in U**x, eg:

bash$ mount $CYGFS/H-i386-cygwin32 /etc

There is some suggestion that this possibility may disappear in future
cygwin releases. I do hope not.

As for the ..._INCLUDE_PATH variables, they appear not to be needed if you
leave things in the standard places. See the discussion on unlibsubdir.


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